Sound Proofing Interior Walls & Door Cavity Gaps Finish - Bristol

Project Scope

Where a lot of us live in close-knit communities and modern homes the one problem that can arise is unwanted noise from the neighbours. This can be in the form of music, TV or radio noise or even just loud talking or laughing. The best solution is to work on sound insulation for the walls and it isn't as complicated or expensive as you might expect.


Our Solution

Sound Proofing Interior Walls it's a great opportunity for dampen the sound up to 87%. We used a one layer of acoustic sheet and double drywall of two layers. This increases the amount of some resistance between your rooms. You could also use regular batt insulation behind the drywall on the insides of your rooms that will also help to dampen the sound.

What The Customer Said

The customer was satisfied with the job and wall soundproof. So there is no doubt that interior wall was dampen the sound, and we got another project to continue insulating the rest of the house.