RG Homes offer Loft Conversions throughout the South West area

A quality loft conversion can easily transform the look of your home, as well as being a practical solution to providing extra space

We are fully insured with public and employee liability insurance and certify that all our work is completed to the highest standard

A loft conversion can also be a much preferred option over moving to a larger property as the conversion process can be much more affordable, less stress and in the majority of cases, can add real value to your existing home. We can provide you with helpful advice and solutions to ensure you get the right conversion for the best value for money while ensuring our absolute best quality work.

Converting an attic costs from around £20K and double bedroom with esuit up to 45K
According to Nationwide Building Society, it could add an estimated 20% to the value of your home

How we work:

  • Scaffolding is erected
  • Opening made in roof
  • Steel installed
  • Floor built
  • Windows installed
  • Roof tiled
  • Construction completed
  • Insulation installed
  • Walls built
  • Electrical/Plumbing installed
  • Staircase installed
  • Skimming
  • Doors/skirting fitted
  • All finishes complete

Having a Loft Conversion put in has many benefits – below are just some of the key benefits;

  • Improved insulation to the loft and roof
  • E-Glass fitted to all new windows
  • Solar panels can be installed while we’re working on the roof
  • Where possible, we use eco-friendly materials
  • Any project waste is recycled where possible.

These benefits will not only increase the value of your home, but also reduce your fuel bills.

If you have considered getting a Loft Conversion but are not sure if your house is suitable then please feel free to get in touch.
Always take professional advice before you start to plan your loft conversion 

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