Roofing Restoration - Rotten Battens

Project Scope

Our client had noticed that a couple of tiles had slipped following a period of bad weather. They asked RG Homes to come and take a look to see if they could be replaced. On closer inspection it became apparent that a lot of the battens had become rotten over time and the whole roof was in a poor state of repair.

Our Solution

We advised the customer that the tiles would have to be removed and the rotten battens replaced before any more tiles became loose or even fell and caused damage or injury. We stripped back the tiles on the roof and replaced the battens with fresh timber. We then cleaned the moss and dirt from every individual tile and replaced a few of the broken ones with the same tiles from a reclamation yard. The roof now looks as good as new whilst the customer didn't have to pay the full price to get the roof replaced. 

What The Customer Said

"We were so pleased that we contacted RG Homes to check our roof. The potential cost of having the whole thing replaced or, even worse, doing nothing does not bear thinking about as our budget was limited. RG Homes worked very hard and our roof now looks as good as new and should last for years to come. RG Homes did everything they could to save us money and still do an excellent job with the repairs."