Repair Rotten Timbers and Replace Decking - Portishead

Project Scope

We were originally asked to quote to add drainage to the balcony area to allow water to drain away from the house. On closer inspection we discovered that the sub-standard construction of the outside area had led to the whole thing being rotten and unsafe. This had put the extension at the rear of the house in danger of collapse.

The decking structure was poorly planned and badly constructed leading to the whole structure being both messy in appearance and some of the boards were even moving when they were stepped on.

Our Solution

The first job was to make the extension, balcony and decking area safe. We stripped the wood away and replaced the rotten beams and joists to make the structure solid again.

After the repair work had been completed on the balcony we continued to rebuild the decking. We removed the old boards and reconstructed the framework below. Once the whole structure was on a safe footing we were able to refit the treated decking boards neatly and securely. The decking area was finished off with stylish hand rails made from wood and wire rope.

What The Customer Said

"RG Homes have been fantastic throughout this project. From spotting the real danger of part of our home falling down to repairing the damage and finally creating a beautiful decking area for us to enjoy we feel they have been honest and hard-working throughout."

"RG Homes have always kept us informed about progress and we feel that they have gone the extra mile to save us a great deal of money. We will definitely recommend RG Homes to family and friends."