Decking and Fencing - Portishead

Project Scope

The inspiration for this project was to improve the customer's garden area in two ways. Firstly to create steps leading up the steep incline from the garage at the rear of the garden. Secondly to make a decked seating area that could be enjoyed in the warmer evenings.

The customer also wanted a higher fence between his and the neighbour's garden for extra privacy.

Our Solution

We designed and built decking steps leading up from the garage at the back. This allowed easy access for the customer when he got home from enjoying a ride on his motorbike.

At the top of the steps was a raised decking area that, combined with the new fencing, gave a secluded area where the customer could sit and drink a glass of wine or have friends over.

What The Customer Said

The customer was very pleased with the completed project and loved the fact that we were able to create exactly what he wanted both in time and on a small budget.